Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Canoeing on Wade Lake

Today we decided to find Wade Lake.  Scot and Kris went there last week and said it was beautiful with clear, deep blue water terrific for kayaks.  When we woke up it was raining, though.  As the day progressed it cleared off so we left about 2:00 pm with one canoe on the truck.

As we got off the highway and onto the dirt road, the skies were threatening.  And then it rained.

After about an hour's drive, we found the lake. It was lovely even from far off.  The rain was lifting and so were our hopes of getting on the water.

Wade Lake from the dirt road

The water in front of Mother's Beach

 As we drove into the boat launch area, the rain stopped, and off we went.

Boat Launch
We found the water just as described, clear, deep, blue, with many fish and ducks.  There was a fish ladder at the south end along with some springs.

Fish Ladder


 There were two duck families with several ducklings in tow. 

We saw a group of cormorants drying their wings, or something, as they stood like statues on the fallen trees.

The campground had three campsites right on the water, which would be perfect for taking the family to for the day.  The beach was not sand but small gravel.  The water was shallow near the shore but rocky in some places, so water shoes would be needed.

Two of the closest three campsites to the water.
There was even a sort of 'mother's beach' a little further beyond the boat launch nearer the picnic sites that would be perfect for kids in kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards, with room for camp chairs on the sandy shore.

Mother's beach area
 Campground fees are enforced if you use one of the campsites even for the day, but prices were reasonable.

Wade Lake Resort from the water

Water craft for rent at Wade Lake Resort
 There was even a resort there with at least four well maintained cabins and water craft for rent.  Fishing is permitted on all but one small section of the lake at the south end where the fish ladder is.  We did not explore the north end, as the skies were again threatening and spitting.

We will bring families back here with children who are elementary school aged and up.  Canoes and kayaks for sure.  Everyone will need water shoes and life jackets.  A lunch and camp chairs are a must.

We arrived back at the cabin at 6:00 pm.  Not bad for an afternoon of exploring.

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