Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swimming in Scot's Bay

 Scot bought this boat 2 summers ago.  Brian said the happiest day of any guy's life is the day his best friend buys a boat!  So true, so true.
 Today Brian and I took lunch to Scot and then swam off the dock.  Scot telecommutes, similar to Brian, so when he was off work, he took us out boating to Scot's Bay, on the reservoir.  We dropped anchor, swam and laid about for an hour or so before heading home for dinner.

 I needed to get a picture of Scot looking this way, but didn't realize that until tonight.  Sorry, Scot!
 Sunburned and happy tonight!  Someone remind me to bring a bungee cord for my hair next time!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Chris and Briana and family's visit

Last week we welcomed Chris, Briana, and the kiddos for a few days of fun.  ATV rides, a canoe float trip, drive to the top of Sawtelle, John Sack cabin tour, feeding the fish at Big Springs, and a trip into the Park were among the things we enjoyed with them.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Five Moose Float Trips

Today we floated the river with Chris, Brianna and their kids.  This was the second float trip this summer and both times we saw five moose.  That is the most moose on one float trip ever.  Here are a few pictures.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Crash in the Woods!

Last week during a great wind storm we heard a tree crash to the forest floor.  At first I wasn't sure what it was but Brian knew.  Then I thought it had fallen into the water.  When we came back from our quick sojourn home we took a walk along the trail and low and behold, we found two trees that had fallen across our trail.  The only thing better is when you can push a dead tree over yourself, which both Brian and I can say we have done!

Meet Chewbacca

Meet Chewy.  Or maybe one of his relatives.  He is already storing pinecones under the Johnny Sack cabin. Must be an early winter coming!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day this year was sweet and casual.  Aimee, her mom Cherie, and her two darling daughters spent the day with us.  We started out with a walk up the nature trail to feed the greedy seagulls - ah - I mean the fish.  Norah had to carry her quarter for the fish food in her shoe, as she had no pockets.  The water was so lovely that both girls just had to put their feet in for a few minutes.

Then we went to West Yellowstone for lunch at KIWIs and some shopping.  KIWIs is not your regular burger joint.  They specialize in Kiwi food, or food that New Zealanders eat.  We had burgers with pickled beets and fried eggs, grilled cheese and pineapple sandwiches, and chips (large French fries) sprinkled with malt vinegar.  YUM...  They were fresh out of meat pies or Brian would have tried one for sure.  

Then it was off to the candy store to fill our baggies with treats.  Can you see all my black licorice???

After checking out the nativity sets at the IMAX theater, we headed back to the Subway to see Sarah and buy some cookies.  Then to the cabin for cookies and a rest before they headed home.  So glad they came!  A good time was had by all.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thunder, Sunshowers, and Rainbows

Last night the weather changed.  It began with a sudden clouds and a big blow.  Then the thunder, lightening, and rain began.  Before long the power went out.  I was thrilled I had showered and was all done blow drying my hair!  Then almost as soon as it started it was over.  The sun was shining through the rain drops and there was a beautiful full double rainbow.  Sarah was disparaging over no power.  "NOW what!?!?" she exclaimed over not being able to get on the computer!  Oh my, the pain of withdrawal from Facebook!  Poor kid, she had to play a game at the kitchen table with her boring mother...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Osprey on The Water

Today we were working on the new deck and Brian noticed this osprey in the tree.  I went down to the water with my camera to get this shot.  I noticed fish splashing underneath the bird and so I waited for a few minutes.  Before long the osprey dove down into the water and grabbed a fish and flew off downstream.  Wish I could have gotten pictures of it fishing or flying off with the fish in its talons...  It was pretty cool.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pictures of the Geysers

 Harold got some wonderful shots of the geysers and so with his permission, I am sharing a few with you.  Thanks Harold!

   And last, but not least, here is a big old bull, with his full winter coat hanging on in places, sitting in the heat    of the hot the sun, on the heat of the hot ground, next to a hot pool.  Go figure.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dog Lovers: Beware of Postmistress!

I went to the Post Office up the road the other day to buy some post card stamps.  They only cost 32 cents whereas first class stamps cost 45 cents.  I know, not much difference but somehow I can't bear to waste the extra 13 cents per 2 line post card to my old aunties back east.  So as I drove up I saw this lovely little barrel of flowers with a sign.  We had a prisoner on a chain once, Brian calls dogs 'poop machines', and up here 'bear bait', so I had to smile when I saw this sign.  Enjoy - or not.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh, how we LOVE having grandchildren! (and children)

Kelsey brought Jackson up so we could spoil the both of them.  We had a blast!  They came to the Park, Virginia City, canoeing, and shopping with us.  Here is a sampling of pictures we took while they were here.
52 degree water year round

No smiling now...
Did you know canoes made decent teething rings?  Whodu thunk it?

A good day was had by all

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Welcome Back Summertime!

We are back at the cabin this summer and having fun.  Our first visitors were Harold, Kelly, Amanda, and Kara.  Geysers, canoeing, and fishing (a-hem) filled our time with them.

Our next visitors were Jackson and Kelsey.  Their visit overlapped Harold and family and also Wendy and John's visit.  Virginia City, Nevada City, and YNP were among the activities we all shared.  In the park we saw 4 bears, a few more antelope, a few more elk, and about a billion bison.  No, I think there are only 8000 in the park and we must have seen 7500, I think.  The wolves disappointed us, however.