Monday, May 10, 2010

Local Webcams for current views!

Hey, want to see a live webcam from Old Faithful? Well, log onto this link.  The link I had was broken for some time but not it is fixed.  Here is another link for some static pictures closer to the cabin.

Monday, May 3, 2010

April Spring Trip turned Winter

Linda, Sarah and I arrived late Thurs night. (April 1) . As we struggled to find the cabin in the dark we were surprised at how much snow was still there. Over two feet, everywhere. We brought the 4 wheeler and the sled and parked the car and trailer about 2.5 miles away at the warming hut. The trip back and forth to the cabin on the 4 wheeler was gorgeous when the sun came out.

It was conference weekend and that made it an even bigger treat.

We were there to work and we did. Painting (2 gallons of primer and 6 gallons of wall paint), internet service, lighting fixtures, kitchen faucet, water heater drain, toilet rebuild (again), dishwasher repair (yahoo!), mud room shelving, etc. Thank goodness for the lumber store (Island Park Builder's Supply). 

Good thing we had plenty of work to do. It snowed about 12 inches the first few days we were there. We only went out a few times. When we did it was very lovely. The large birds were visible in the good weather and there were some animal tracks to keep us guessing.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

We spent Valentine's Day with our entire family, minus Michael, who had to work, at the cabin this year. This is the snow cave the kids built after the 2 feet of snow slid off the roof. Ask Jake about his PTSD that day. :) The cave went back several feet. Helen sure enjoyed playing in it.

We got Kelsey on the cross country skis for the first time. I think she enjoyed it. Her knees held up pretty well. We had a nice time with one of our pretty girls. Brady skipped the skis in favor of the snowmobile.

Games after it was too dark to be outside.

First snow adventure

So, our first snow adventure was with our friends, Scot and Kris. We tried out the cross country skis we bought last year, rode around in the snow in Scot's truck, ate, worked, tried to go to church but it was stake conference an hour away.