Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Last Little Bird Flies Away

Today our wonderful family and their delightful friends all left us.

Here.  Alone.  The hardest part was probably saying goodbye to our darling youngest child, Sarah.  She has accepted an invitation from Jacob and his family to live with them for a few months away from home, to hopefully get a job and continue to make decisions regarding her future, like whether or not to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

This ends a chapter in the life of her parents. We have spent almost 33 years in this chapter called 'Raising Children Without a Manual'.  Tonight I feel useless, like I am freeloading on this planet.  I hear the feeling passes with time.  I sure hope so.  We miss our children dearly.

Being parents is a funny thing.  Some days you don't know what you were thinking in having kids.  But most days you can't imagine how dull life would have been without this amazing experience and the chance to bring sweet souls to this life.  And the deep feelings of love you have for a new person, and then another, and more one at a time.  If you never needed God before being a parent, you sure do once you are one. You learn to appreciate your own parents like you never have before.  You begin to feel a portion of what our Heavenly parents must feel.  When we make them proud.  When we mess up.  We are so very proud of all of our children and what they are doing with their lives. What do people do for entertainment who choose not to have children?  I can't imagine that either.  Family is everything.

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