The Extensive List of Things to Do

Activities for you to enjoy in and close to Island Park, ID and The Little Cabin in the Woods
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Cabin Address

unpublished -  call us

 Island Park is situated about 1.5 hours north of Idaho Falls, ID on US Hiway 20. It is about 10 miles south of West Yellowstone, MT. It has the US longest main street at about 25 miles. The head waters of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River are located here. The continental divide runs through the north end of IP.  There are rolling hills, meadows with rivers and streams, steep rugged mountains and dense canopied forests throughout the area. There are five seasons. Winter (long and cold, snowmobilers paradise), no bugs (April and May), bugs (June), tourist (July and August), cooling (September and October). The summer temperatures range from 20 to 90 degrees. Mostly 40 to 75 degrees.  Watch the weather forecasts at before and during your trip. The elevation is mostly around 6200' but along the continental divide it can reach almost 10,000.
More Background

Linda and I met and fell in love here in summer of '77. She worked at Flatrock Fishing Club and I worked at Mack's Inn Resort. We think it is a magical place and we would like to share its wonders with you. Don't plan your time here too well. Let the wildlife, weather, people and beauty change your schedule often and take lasting memories with you. Your family and friends make you who you are. 

At the Cabin

Night Games
Watch out for the moose

Board Games
Rainy day savers

Smores, Hot Dogs, Marshmellows



Bring your favorite family flick

Moose, Bear, Bunnies, Osprey, Trout

There are large maps of the area on the wall to review before you go out and get lost. They have a few maps available at the ranger station across the river from Ponds Lodge.

Reference, educational, and adventure of Yellowstone Country

Keep it away from the bears

See the local talent - Watch for craft fairs here also

Ice Cream
On the other side of the River

With Ice Cream - Reasonable menu - New Lunch Deck


Some shopping
Sweatshirts, souvenirs, log furnishings

Close to the south shore of the river - Up and down river

LDS Chapels
On South Big Springs Loop Road - Behind the lumber/hardware store - 9am (year round) and 1pm (in summer) - call for Stake Conference schedule
Mesa Falls

Henry's Fork River
Drive - Turn SE off Hiway 20 on paved road near Harriman State Park - drive about 8 miles (well marked) - small fees - picnic area - some hiking also available - walk around - half day
Big Springs

Beginning of Henry's Fork (near cabin)
Drive or walk - close to cabin - watch and feed large trout - watch moose and birds - toilets - take a quarter or two or some dog / cat food - 1/2 mile or more - minutes to hours

Johnny Sack Cabin Tour
See the history of a very industrious and kind man

Cabin is at  44°xx'xx.xx"N 111°xx'xx.xx"W
see website - - almost 100 Geocaches within 25 miles driving distance - .2 to 25 miles or more from Cabin - 1 hour to all day or more - Zipcode at Mack's Inn 83433

Forestry Lookout Tower (abandoned)
From the Campground at Big Springs go to the far back corner (SE) .... (you should be able to see the tower from the cabin) look carefully and when you go there bring back the Lat. Lon. from your GPS

Big Springs Bridge to Old Train Crossing
Cabin is on trail - about 1.5 miles round trip - watch for fish and birds - some interpretive signs - get your picture taken on the both bridges

Maps are posted at each trail junction - lots of birds, mosquitoes, cattle - many easy trails and some that are not so easy - two great lakes and Henry's Fork and some streams to enjoy - take your camera - there is a ski hut and restroom available in the center of the trails for bad weather - Great for the whole family - picnic tables - mostly quiet - exploring available for the adventurous

Buffalo River
Start at beach (see below) - trail leads east about 1.5 miles each way - very easy going - great fish and bird viewing - make the trail longer - bicycles okay but not easy

Buffalo River
Start at Bridge at Trail 001, South Side, 1 to 2 miles round trip

Mack's Inn
Follow trail next to river downstream for as much as 5 miles - trail ends remotely at private land - you can drive USFS road back - watch for hikers and fisherman

When you enjoy a good hike please share it in the Cabin Journal and please include directions to the trailhead and on the trail
ATV Riding

Trail 001
Old railroad bed - starts near Ashton - goes to West Yellowstone - many adventures along the way - south of Buffalo River is closed to mid to late June

Trail ???
Near the top of the Ashton Hill on Hiway 20 - west side at turnout (near communications tower) - This is a designated ATV trail (it is on the official maps) - This is not a hard trail - you can make it as long as you want - It follows the ridge of the hills along the SW of the IP caldera - Mostly in shade - maybe muddy or impassable in May and June - closes a few days before Labor Day

Trail ???
At the base of Sawtelle Mountain - from Hiway 20 at Island Park Lodge take the Sawtelle Peak road about two miles to the end of the pavement - To the left is Stamp Meadows Road - Go right on USFS Trail 455 - It is about 3 or 4 miles to Aspen Ridge Subdivision which is very close to Hiway 20 - You can return from there or go north on Hiway 20 about 1/2 mile to Meadow Creek Road and continue on and follow this easy road to the east side of the valley and go south to North Big Springs Loop road and then West back to Island Park Lodge where you started - Lots of sites and trails and creeks and rivers and smaller roads to explorer along the way.

Tough for ATV and motorcycles - make sure you want an adventure before to leave - The views and cliffs and alpine meadows are great.

Two Top
ATV trail - More of a challenge as you climb to the top of the mountain 2 or three times - use Trail 001 as access to this area - the old direct road off of Meadow Creek Road needs more exploring - it may go through - the views of Island Park are great from here- Ask Brady for details about a geocache on top

Power Lines
Most major power lines in IP area have roads beneath them. Some become very challenging. Keep your bearings as the lines are not straight.

Train Tunnel
Trail 001 near warm river has at least one train tunnel to pass through. This one needs volunteers to explore and report back - 12 miles

Many, many others
When you enjoy a good ride please share it in the Cabin Journal and please include directions to the trailhead and on the trail - See maps on wall in cabin

IP Bills Island
Drive the Loop road - shady in am and late afternoon/evening

Yellowstone Park
Limited but some

Finish your riding before dark
Yellowstone National Park

Ice Lakes (bears, lakes, rivers (crossing, waterfalls), swamps, canyons - 5 miles

Yellowstone Picnic Site - climb hill behind the picnic loop for view of Lamar area, view of Yellowstone river, Tower Canyon, wildlife 1/2 to 10 miles

Lone Star Geyser
about 2 miles each way, geyser errupts for 45 minutes, old paved road is great for bicycles also, meadows, animals, forest canopy - 4 miles

Geysers, mudpots, basins, fumerals, etc
Find your favorite - take plenty of pictures

Join a bison or a Bighorn sheep for lunch - avoid the bears

Wildlife Viewing
Lamar valley, Hayden Valley (Buffalo rut in mid August), most areas of the park - stay away from the wildlife - watch for the birds in the sky

Stage coach road, Old faithful

Hotels and souvenir shops

Firehole (Swimming)
Watch for river level to get low enough then ride the rapids, float through the deep swimming hole, enjoy the primitive beach

Hotel Tours
Old Faithful (guided), Yellowstone Lake, Mammoth Area, Roosevelt, Canyon

Car Touring

Chartered Tours
from W Yellowstone or Cody or Mammoth or Jackson Hole.

Tour BYU-I
See admissions office

Also in Idaho Falls

Movie Theatre

Also in Ashton
West Yellowstone

Tee shirts, leather goods, candy, ice cream, other stuff

DQ, cafe, MD

LDS Services



Many to choose from

Enjoy the whole city

Wolf Discovery Center
Interesting, small, well done. Not sure it is worth the money.

Call ahead for offerings and scheduled

Rendevous Trails (Bike, Hike, X Ski)
Located on south side of town very close to large hardware store. Some meadows, some heavy canopy, biathalon range, green blue black trails. (On the yellowstone plateau)

Regional Airport
If you need to fly in or rent a car

Henry's Fork

Henry's Lake

IP Resorvoir

Warm River

Madison River

Tributaries of all these rivers

etc, etc, etc


IP Resorvoir
Some sand at campground/picnic area near dam

Buffalo River
East of Trail 001 Bridge about 1/2 mile - an adventure to find and enjoy - very cold -

Henry's Lake State Park
Small, grassy, great moose viewing on short scenic trail

Swimming off the Dock at Scott's place
limited availability - takes some planning with Scott and his family

Henry's Fork River (Near Cabin)
From Railroad Bridge to Hiway 20 Bridge (Mack's Inn) or beyond to Coffee Pot Campground - more wind in afternoon - about 6 miles - half day plus or minus

Buffalo River
From Buffalo Campground (USFS) to Hiway 20 at Pond's Lodge or the Buffalo River Dam above Henry's Fork River - slow and shallow until the end - untested - 2 - 3 miles - half day

Henry's Outlet River
From Hiway 20 Bridge at Aspen Ridge (near Henry's Lake) to Henry's Fork River to Hiway 20 Bridge (Mack's Inn) - 18 miles - all day - for the more adventurous

Island Park Res.
Near the dam or at Lakeside or at Buttermilk Campground or ???

Most areas in IP
Full bloom in mid to late June into July - later in higher elevations - sometimes there are many acres of white and yellow blossoms
Car Tours

Mt Sawtelle
Drive to the top - stay away from the snow - views are outstanding

Fish Creek Road to Ashton
Take your time - stop for lunch - best not in car


See the majesty of Henry's Fork of the Snake River. - Turn SE off Hiway 20 on paved road near Harriman State Park - drive about 8 miles (well marked) - small fees - picnic area - some hiking also available

Quake Lake
The lake caused by the earthquake of 1959. Visitor's center and theater. Minimal cost. About 25 miles North and West of W Yellowstone or 20 miles west of Henry's Lake. Nice loop drive

Ice Caves
Between St. Anthony and west road through Shotgun and Island Park. Take in Kilgore's large beautiful meadows on the way. - High Clearance vehicle / ATV / Motorcyle required

Nevada / Virginia City
One hour 30 minutes north into Montana. Well done historical towns. Worth the travel.

Photo Opportunities

Everywhere and always
Keep your camera charged and with you all the time. Send us a favorite or two when you get home.

Wildlife Viewing

Moose, bear, eagles, osprey, etc
At the cabin and most everywhere in IP and YNP areas

IP Resorvoir Dam, Buffallo River Dam and Fish Ladder

Nice hike to see them all - difficult to locate but great place to explorer - Not far from Ponds Resort or IP Res. Dam

Memorial Day
Opening of fishing season

Father's Day

July 4th
Fireworks on the lake at Lakeside - bring your boat and be a part of the festivities

BBQ at Lakeside on the Grass

Craft shows and Boy Scout Garage Sale in Church Parking Lot

Fun Run

July 24th ???
Rodeo at Henry's Lake (Rodeo Grounds)