Friday, July 25, 2014

The Rest of Our Day

Joey wrote his first postcard today.  He mailed it on our way to go swimming in the lake.  It was to his mother.  Awww....

Joey's front flip
 Then we went off to West Yellowstone for ice cream and shopping.  

While we were there, each cousin picked out two postcards.  One was to send to himself or herself, and one to send to anyone else they wanted to.  When we got home, they wrote their postcards.  

Then I had them fill in an empty United States map with all the states they could remember from our license plate game we played while we were in YNP.  They had filled out one before we went to the park so I was anxious to see if our game improved their knowledge of US geography.  All the kids improved tremendously, with the exception of RJ, who knew them all before we went into the park!

Danny and Grace


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