Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First Float Trip

The river was on the list of things to do today.  Since the river is my 'happy place' I was dying to go.

We took both canoes and the two new kayaks.  Sarah and I took the kayaks and the two families took the canoes.

After a short while, we tried out the feature I love most about the kayaks - a place for grandchildren to ride on with me.  Helen went with me for a short while, and Norah with Sarah.  We traded around after lunch with Norah and Penelope coming aboard. Norah wasn't sure it was the greatest thing, but the others seemed to enjoy the ride and the attention. 

We stopped on and island in the middle of the river for lunch about half way down, after working up an appetite following Jacob and Aimee into the willows on a side canal, which was lots of fun.

We did not see any moose today, which was not too surprising considering the traffic on the river.  The birds and water fowl were out in abundance, though, and we enjoyed seeing them. 

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