Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cousins Camp Celebrates Joey's Birthday!

This summer we have hosted several birthday parties here at the cabin. Brian's cousins arrived last night and today we had a party for Joey.  He turned 12 and here is what we did for his big day.

Before breakfast, the children practiced casting fishing poles off the deck with a weight at the end of the lines.

After we cleaned up breakfast, each one made his or her own sack lunch for the day.

Then we went canoeing on the river.  

The children wanted to stop for a dip in the swimming hole.

We spotted a total of three moose.  The first was this young bull.  A little later, Joey was the first to sight a cow and calf, but we were too loud and they scooted back into the willows before I could get a picture.

We ate lunch on our favorite island.

Later we had a campfire, made tin foil dinners, roasted hot dogs and made s'mores.

Not all the foil dinners turned out, sadly enough, but most were really delicious.  

Soooo Yummy!!!

Finally we had birthday cake and presents.

Happy Birthday, Joey!

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