Saturday, October 25, 2014

Black Sands Spring

On our way home we took a dirt road out of West Yellowstone heading back towards Island Park alongside the airstrip.  We discovered Black Sands Spring, another great place to take visitors with a picnic lunch, some ATVs, and lawn chairs.
Black Sands Springs
A large dirt parking area and fire pit greet you as you drive into the area.  Several large rocks rim the parking area, just right for children to climb on.  There are no toilet facilities, so don't forget to bring some t.p. along with some flip flops to wade into the water with.

The Frontier Trail

Today we went into West Yellowstone to ride.  We found the Frontier Trail and followed it all the way around the outside of the city.  It covers about 4 miles of trails through the trees and is very flat.  This would be a very good trail for the grandchildren when they are a bit older, like 8-10 years and older.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Tree of Life

Brian and I came up Thursday night for the weekend. The weather has been lovely at home and it looked like a promising forecast, so we brought the bicycles back up for some exercise.

This afternoon we rode down to the boat launch, over the bridge, around to the springs and the Johnny Sack cabin and back.  Standing in the spring we spied these two wonderful moose, wearing their winter coats.

The Johnny Sack cabin was closed and deserted.

There is a tree at Big Springs that I have looked at and thought about.  I have named it 'The Tree of Life' because the spring seems to boil out right at its roots.  Since there was no one around, I climbed down to the base of the tree to get a closer look and some pictures.

The Tree of Life

The spring does in fact come out of the ground right by the roots of this large tree.  It reminds me of the 'Tree of Life' we read about in the scriptures, though I'm sure not as glorious.  This spring runs 365 days a year at a constant 52 degrees F.  The green moss and watercress are always growing there.  It is a constant in this sometimes harsh environment, giving life to all who wander by or seek it out.  In the scriptures, the Tree of Life represents the love of God, a constant in our harsh environment, giving us life and love each time we seek it out.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Party

Lorraine and her family are here for the Labor Day weekend.  She and Bob arrived first on Thursday, and we went into the park on Friday.

 That night Austin, Hailey, Olivia and Nick came after dark.  On Saturday we planned to go canoeing on the river, however, the weather did not cooperate.  After lunch we took a field trip to Mesa Falls.  As soon as we left, the weather cleared and it was beautiful. 

When we got back Colby, Krystle, Starly, and Degan had arrived.  The bad weather returned, so our plans were scrapped again for a canoe trip.  It wasn't long before we had thunder, lightening, and hail that collected and looked like snow!  It looked like and smelled like Christmas.  All this on the 30th of August.

Later we had a yummy dinner Lorraine made, and then played games until bedtime. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Moosey Cabin Sign

Oh. My. Gosh!  Look at this beautiful sign our wonderful friends, Chris and Brianna had made for the cabin! We can't wait to hang it up.  Any votes on where???

I'm thinking beside the front door. Or on the deck side of the house.  Or beside the new french doors.  Or by the back door.  So many options!  We will post a picture as soon as it is hung.  Thank you so much!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Moosey Weather

During this maintenance week we found time to take walks along the river and found two cow calf couples, among some other animals.  Here are a few pictures and some videos of them.

Crane in the mist

Moose cow calf pair across the river from the Furry Friends Nature Trail sign

In front of the cabin
Duck family at Big Springs

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Three Days of Rain and a Gallon of Paint

This week should have been called maintenance week. But that would make it sound like we only do maintenance one week each summer, and wouldn't that be nice! But besides all the projects we tackled, we did them in the rain. Three days of rain.

New windows, primer coat on a door
Valspar Billiard Green


2. Painted four exterior doors billiard green

Here's the short list and a few pictures for you to illustrate our hard work

1. Installed the rest of the newly glazed window panes, sans mullions.

3. Painted chalkboard dots on the washcloth hooks in the bathroom so we can identify the owner of each towel.
Some of the baby bibs I sewed

4. Sewed 21 baby bibs for friends who are having or have had babies lately and soon.  Follow my directions on the 'How To' page of this blog.

5. Repaired the couches with stretchy webbing for greater comfort.

6. Set off bug bombs to kill the crawling spiders in the crawl space and in the living areas

We even squeezed in some time to chase wild life between coats of paint drying and rain drops.  Video to follow in the next post after this one.

Rain dancing on the I stained a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Canoeing on Wade Lake

Today we decided to find Wade Lake.  Scot and Kris went there last week and said it was beautiful with clear, deep blue water terrific for kayaks.  When we woke up it was raining, though.  As the day progressed it cleared off so we left about 2:00 pm with one canoe on the truck.

As we got off the highway and onto the dirt road, the skies were threatening.  And then it rained.

After about an hour's drive, we found the lake. It was lovely even from far off.  The rain was lifting and so were our hopes of getting on the water.

Wade Lake from the dirt road

The water in front of Mother's Beach

 As we drove into the boat launch area, the rain stopped, and off we went.

Boat Launch
We found the water just as described, clear, deep, blue, with many fish and ducks.  There was a fish ladder at the south end along with some springs.

Fish Ladder


 There were two duck families with several ducklings in tow. 

We saw a group of cormorants drying their wings, or something, as they stood like statues on the fallen trees.

The campground had three campsites right on the water, which would be perfect for taking the family to for the day.  The beach was not sand but small gravel.  The water was shallow near the shore but rocky in some places, so water shoes would be needed.

Two of the closest three campsites to the water.
There was even a sort of 'mother's beach' a little further beyond the boat launch nearer the picnic sites that would be perfect for kids in kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards, with room for camp chairs on the sandy shore.

Mother's beach area
 Campground fees are enforced if you use one of the campsites even for the day, but prices were reasonable.

Wade Lake Resort from the water

Water craft for rent at Wade Lake Resort
 There was even a resort there with at least four well maintained cabins and water craft for rent.  Fishing is permitted on all but one small section of the lake at the south end where the fish ladder is.  We did not explore the north end, as the skies were again threatening and spitting.

We will bring families back here with children who are elementary school aged and up.  Canoes and kayaks for sure.  Everyone will need water shoes and life jackets.  A lunch and camp chairs are a must.

We arrived back at the cabin at 6:00 pm.  Not bad for an afternoon of exploring.