Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wow, What a weekend!

We had a great weekend with 3 sets of company.  First Aimee and the girls arrived to brighten our sad cleaning faces.  Then we got a call from Brent, Amie, Jamie and Alex.  They were in town so we hooked up with them for some sightseeing, shopping, and dinner.  About the time dinner was over Howard, Jeanette, and Nathan arrived to spend a few days.

We all went to church Sunday afternoon in the A frame.  Brent and company left from there to head back.  The rest hung out a few more days for more fun.  We had rain and cool temperatures, as seen in Aimee's pictures of Nana and Papa with the girls at Big Springs.  The park was lovely and quiet.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And Here We Have Idaho...

Yes, it rained our whole weekend up at the cabin.  I wasn't expecting much different.  May & June are the spring months in Idaho which means rain if it is a good year, snow if it isn't.  I giggled to myself every time I saw a sign warning about sudden weather changes.  Yep, that's Idaho for you.  Best to pack for whatever season you are going, plus the last one and and next one.  But it should be great weather next time we go up.

Friday we went to feed the fish in between rain showers.  Saturday we went to West Yellowstone.  Next time I go, someone please keep me out of that candy store - my wallet and waist were not protected.  Also the bead store - yes that is a fun place to explore and shop!  Church was very nice on Sunday.  And we went for a walk afterward and saw a moose.

We had a great time, and Helen even started to cry when she realized I had packed the car.  Poor girl.  We were inside a lot, so I didn't get the pictures I would have liked.  I did get a few pictures the first day when we went to feed the fish.  Can't wait to go back!

Monday, June 7, 2010

First trip into Yellowstone this year

We finally got to see baby buffalo, a baby elk, and a grizzly.  Our friends, Howard and Jeanette and Nathan, were with us.  The baby elk was the biggest treat for us.  S/he was hiding in the trees in the middle of a board walk around the geysers at Lake in the park.  Mom was close by, and would not leave the area, so that was our tip off to watch for more.  The baby could not have been more than a day or two old, with wobbly knees and all.  The grizzly was sighted later that day with Brian's scope, quite a distance from the road.  We also saw a moose and an elk at the cabin that week.  A good time was had by all.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh, hurry up, Summer!

Well, here we are at the cabin.  School is out, summer is supposed to be upon us, but alas, the cold rain and occasional snows are still here.  The highs are in the low 50s.  Plenty of dark clouds between thunderstorms and rain.  Lucky me again, I came with a gallon of primer and 2 gallons of paint!  Tonight I finished up the worst of the interior painting.  I have two spots that need attention with the brush, but no more roller and no more scaffolding - hooray!  I know I will be happy once the lovely weather hits and I don't have any painting left to do. 

Brian has been rewiring the breaker box and many of the outlets, lights, etc.  Today he hung a new light in the mudroom and added a baseboard heater in our bedroom, which has been the coldest room up to now.  Sarah repaired a dust ruffle, made dinner, loaded the dishwasher, rode the motorcycle around, did her facebook thing, and played guitar. 

Tomorrow Aimee and the girls will arrive.  A breath of fresh air!  We will be so ready for a break from the work.  They bring such smiles on our faces and in our hearts.  I have all the ingredients for sugar cookies to make with the darling animal cookie cutters they gave me for Mother's Day.  I also have the materials ready from their last visit to make sock puppets to go with the book, If You Give A Moose A Muffin.  We ran out of time then.  The cabin is really starting to take on a charm.  And it is beginning to feel like ours - finally!