Monday, July 28, 2014

Dinner at Elk Creek Ranch

Tonight we came into Island Park at dinner time, so rather than open another can of chili, we went to dinner at Elk Creek Ranch.

The lodge sits on the Buffalo River.  There are some darling little cabins for rent.  The lodge has a kitchen, dining room, and a lovely living room that serves as the other dining room. 
The Lodge

 The living room is furnished with beautiful furniture and a nice collection of trophies.

The menu is determined by the night you are there.  We were there on a Monday so prime rib was on the menu.  Potatoes and honey glazed carrots were the sides.  The lemonade was wonderful! It was only slightly sweetened with sugar so it was good and tart.  There were sugar packets at the salad bar for coffee if you chose to sweeten it up more.

Apple pie was for dessert.  We took it home for later.

Here is the weekly menu.

Monday  - Prime Rib
Tuesday - Salmon
Wednesday - 10 oz. Rib-eye Steak
Thursday - Turkey Dinner
Friday - Pork Tenderloin
Saturday - Tenderloin Steak
Sunday - Country Fried Chicken

Reservations are required.  Chef David answers the phone to take your reservation.  Brian says he is funny to talk to.  208.558.7404

We will be back.

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