Saturday, August 9, 2014

Three Days of Rain and a Gallon of Paint

This week should have been called maintenance week. But that would make it sound like we only do maintenance one week each summer, and wouldn't that be nice! But besides all the projects we tackled, we did them in the rain. Three days of rain.

New windows, primer coat on a door
Valspar Billiard Green


2. Painted four exterior doors billiard green

Here's the short list and a few pictures for you to illustrate our hard work

1. Installed the rest of the newly glazed window panes, sans mullions.

3. Painted chalkboard dots on the washcloth hooks in the bathroom so we can identify the owner of each towel.
Some of the baby bibs I sewed

4. Sewed 21 baby bibs for friends who are having or have had babies lately and soon.  Follow my directions on the 'How To' page of this blog.

5. Repaired the couches with stretchy webbing for greater comfort.

6. Set off bug bombs to kill the crawling spiders in the crawl space and in the living areas

We even squeezed in some time to chase wild life between coats of paint drying and rain drops.  Video to follow in the next post after this one.

Rain dancing on the I stained a few weeks ago.

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