Monday, December 31, 2012

Cabin Christmas Adventure - Day Three

Today Brian and Keith spent the morning making the permanent repairs to the ATV.  This meant a trip out to  the Can Am shop at Last Chance, where the wonderful mechanics were very helpful, even pulling parts to sell them from a rental they didn't need on Christmas Eve.

After lunch, Penny was sleeping and Jackson was happy playing with me, the others headed out to find the perfect Christmas tree.  Off they went, three on the ATV and the other two on skis.  

After travelling 30 miles, according to Brian, and less than a mile according to Keith, (bet you can't guess who was on the ATV and who was on skis...) they found the perfect tree.  

Later that night, we decorated it up with things we brought from home.  Not bad for a fresh tree from the woods, hunh? 

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