Monday, December 31, 2012

Cabin Christmas Adventure - Christmas Day!!!

Santa had a hard time finding us, so we hope he just forgot where we were and remembered us at home.  But we remembered to bring our stockings and we each took turns filling them with things we brought for each other.

While I was busy filling stockings I heard the ATV outside going in circles.  When I looked out I saw something that made me teary.  Brian and was dragging something behind the ATV with Keith standing on top of it.  To be continued....

Jacob and Aimee, and their two darling daughters came up from Rexburg in the afternoon and the fun began!!!

Keith helping Norah and Aimee off the ATV upon arrival

Helen and Jacob arrived next

We had dinner and opened our stockings.

Kelsey and her brothers had fun with doodle bugs.  They are these creepy, computerized cockroach-like toys that ran around in circles and changed directions when they hit against something hard, like the side of a Kleenex box.  Tons of fun!

The next morning I got to see my present.  Here is what Brian got me.  Can you guess what it is?  It's called a 'track setter' and you pull it behind the ATV or a snowmobile and it makes tracks in the snow for cross country skiing.  Brian and Keith had spent much of the day laying down track so we could ski the next day.  I was so happy!  I have the most wonderful husband in the world.  I love cross country skiing and it is hard sometimes out in the unbroken snow around here.  Tracks in the snow are fantastic because it makes skiing so much easier.  This is what what I was referring to when I said, 'to be continued...'  It was a wonderful Christmas day.

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