Monday, December 31, 2012

Cabin Christmas Adventure - Day One

The kids wanted to spend Christmas at the cabin.  Of course, we were more than happy to comply.  Brian spent a year (maybe?) researching ways to get us all into the cabin on snowy roads.  Here is what he eventually came up with.

Okay, so he wanted to go up before the rest of us could.  Thanks to his good friend, Brent, he was able to.  Brent drove his truck and pulled the trailer up, and then Brent came back the next day.  Here they are getting ready to leave.  Not much snow on the ground at our house.  We hoped that would not be  a problem at the cabin.

Ask Brian about some tall tale of getting jack knifed once they got to the warming hut turn off. ;)

Did I mention that Brent is a 'good' friend?

A week later, Keith and Jackie and Penny flew into the Salt Lake airport.  Sarah and I picked them up late Friday night.  We loaded up on Saturday morning and took off in both cars fully loaded with 6 suitcases, 5 adults, 4 helmets, 3 tubs, 2 babies, 1 cooler, and a partridge in a pear tree. 

You can see that by now we had some snow at home.  And lucky for us, snow was falling nicely at the cabin. 

As we traveled we got hungry.  So first stop (after Walmart for diapers) was Neilsen's Frozen Custard in Rexburg.  After a sandwich, I had to try the peppermint custard.  Wow was it delicious!

The next stop was Rexburg Motor Sports.  Keith needed goggles and Kelsey wanted a new helmet.  Jackson and I tried out all the toys. 

Finally, on to the cabin!

When we arrived Brian met us at the warming hut parking lot on the ATV.  We were off on our Christmas adventure!

Kelsey, Sarah, and Jackson were the first ones in.  It was a little tight but hey,  we are a tight family, what can I say??

Jackie, Keith and Penny went next. And last Brian and I went in.  This is what we saw as we came around the corner to the cabin...

 Brian had wrapped the entire cabin in red ribbon laced through all the trees.  He said, "Merry Christmas!" as I exclaimed my delight.  This promises to be the best Christmas adventure yet. 

Tomorrow is Sunday.  Wait until you hear what that day brought...  

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