Monday, December 31, 2012

Cabin Christmas Adventure - Day Five

Sarah's 17th birthday was today.  We started out the day like most, with breakfast and then playing in the snow.

Then I went skiing on my new tracks.  

Can you see the diamonds in the snow?

Our friends, Ben, Andrea, and Pam, asked us to get their snowmobiles up onto the top of the snow since we were going to be there, and by the way, run them around a little while we were at it.  (Oh gee, no problem!)  Here Brian and Keith are digging one of them out.  

Meanwhile, the grandkids and I made gingerbread dough to be made into cookies the next day. 

For Sarah's birthday dinner, we munched on this delicious veggie and hummus platter Aimee brought and... 

this delicious Henry and David tray my mom sent from Arizona.  

Then on to birthday cake with mysteriously tricky candles that could not be blown out...  ;)

Sarah was thrilled to get an Angel's baseball team hat from her brother, Brady, who could not be with us this Christmas due to his career.  

It was a fun day for all of us.  

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