Thursday, August 2, 2012

ATV trip to Lucky Dog Springs

Tonight Brian took me on an ATV ride to Lucky Dog Springs.  Wow!  I had no idea such a place existed up here.  The springs are a tad smaller than Big Springs but look similar.  The big difference is that Lucky Dog is more remote and unknown, at least today.

There were 5 abandoned log cabins from a very long time ago.  The History of Island Park, by Dean Green, doesn't even have a mention of it that I can find, so I can't discover the history quickly.  A sixth cabin looks more like 50+ years in age.  It was boarded up with shutters that were screwed in and a working electric meter on the outside.

Brian was speculating that perhaps it was a lodge at one time with the old time cabins for rent.  Now it is more of a 'ghost town'-lodge.  When I google Lucky Dog Springs, all I can find is a reference to fishing on Lucky Dog Creek, but nothing of the springs.  That information is found on this link.  Hook and

Anyway, it was very lovely and an easy ride for me to take the girls on sometime.

There was evidence of moose...

and bear. (Probably a small bear from the size of the... pile.)

We both took phone calls while out there so there was plenty of noise to announce our presence to the bear, if he was still in the area. (Had to be a male bear.  A female would have hidden it better, right ladies?)

Okay, so joke of the day.  What is worse than a tree falling on your house???

A tree falling on your outhouse, of course.  Time to move out, I guess.

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Kelsey said...

haHA! very good jokes! cool cabin, i would love to check out sometime