Monday, August 13, 2012

Old Faithful Inn Tour

Today Kelsey, Jackson, and I went into the park.  We walked around Fountain Paint Pots,

then on to Old Faithful.  We watched the 20 minute movie before eruption, then watched it erupt from inside the new Visitor Center.  Jackson was more interested in the little bugs on the window than the geyser.

Then we went to tour the Old Faithful Inn.

This amazing building has quite a history.  Ruth was our tour guide and was very knowledgeable.

The huge fireplace has not been fully functional since the earthquake in 1959 that created Quake Lake.  Two hours after the earthquake, the bricks on the fireplace fell off and three of the four flues caved in.  Since that day only the front flue has ever worked.  In May of this year engineers came to inspect the chimney and fireplace and made a plan to return it to it's original function.  Work has been ongoing all summer on the interior and exterior.  This Friday, August 17th, on the anniversary of the earthquake, a fire will be lit in each of the four flues of the fireplace for the first time since that day.  Sounds like Friday would be a good day to stop by the Inn.
Crow's nest on the 7th floor from the bottom.  In the old days, the orchestra went up here after the guests finished up in the dining room.

The dining room today.

You can barely see the side of the fireplace.  It reaches from the floor all the way to the roof  7 stories up.

One of the bedrooms in the 'Old house'.
My sister and I stayed in one of these rooms for one night during the summer of 1977, the year I graduated from Ricks College and began working at the Flat Rock Club, and met my wonderful husband, Brian.

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