Friday, August 10, 2012

Help Us Name The Tree

The forest service showed up when we first bought the cabin.  They told us they would like us to move two things in order to help prevent forest fires.  The first thing they wanted moved was the fire pit.  It was too close to the building.  No problem.  We moved it and Brian put in a wonderful new fire pit.  Check it out in the 'How To' section of this blog.

The second thing they wanted moved was a large tree.  Yea, right.  It was too close to the chimney of the cabin.  The tree was double crowned.  In other words, there was a fork in the tree pretty low to the ground and it was in danger of falling on someone or the cabin.  So.  Brian took the chain saw to it last fall.  And it really didn't look all that great.  The top of the tree was still too close to the chimney.  This spring Brian put a nice chimney cap on the chimney and that probably will solve the problem for the forest service.  In the not so great cut of the tree, he installed 'the face'.

Now we need your help.  The man with the face needs a name.  Please submit your ideas for his name on the comments portion of this page.  We will post the winning name in a later post.


Aimee said...

1. Giovanni (in ode to Johnny Sacks)
2. Yogi
3. Mr. Ranger

Papa - Brian said...

1 - Brian-go-man
2 - Brian-oo-longo-ubrowmeisten
3 - Bob

Andrea said...

I found you guys! ;)

He reminds me of Bev Doolittle's painting "the forest has eyes.". He's col! Sorry no name suggestions though!

Aimee said...

I was going to say it sure does look like a Giovanni, doesn't it?, but I guess if you squint it really does look like a Brian-go-whatever. :)