Thursday, July 2, 2015

Evening ATV Ride to Two Top

Tonight three of us went on an ATV trip to Two Top Mountain.  I had not been there in 35-ish years, and have been looking forward to this for a long while.  Brian and his friend Brent, drove and I rode on the back of Brian's.

 The smell and sight of the flowers in the meadows on the way up was amazing.  The views from the top were a little hazy from fires in Oregon, but breathtaking nonetheless.


Geocache under the rock
As I wandered around at the end of the trail, which actually ends before reaching either of the two tops, I stumbled upon a geocache.  When we opened it up there was a bit of history.

There was a nice picture of several people in their riding gear with someone who had since died.  There was a real nice monument to his memory not far from where the geocache was stowed.  His name was Brad Hill.

What a great place for a memorial.  Very thoughtful of people who miss him.  A few minutes of searching on google yielded nothing to tell me about this man.  He was 51.  A mystery for now.

Family Reunion of trees
 On the way back down we saw several groups of pine trees which appeared to be multi-generational.  The ones in the very center were the tallest and some were dead, with a circle around them of shorter trees, encircled around the bottom by little trees.  In between the circles there were trees of intermediate heights.  They looked like they were having a family reunion.

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Amanda J said...

I know who Brad Hill is. Him and his family were in the ward I grew up in. One of his daughters was my age and we hung out from time to time...I'll tell you more about him the next time I see you if you want. Just don't want to put personal info on the internet without his family's permission :)