Thursday, June 11, 2015

School's. Out. For. Summer!

After 4 days of sleeping, eating, resting, and reading, I am finally among the living again.  Tonight Scott and Brian wanted to fish in the Park, so I decided to go along and do a little hiking.  I was wishing I had brought my bike along but my hike was very nice, just the same.  Since I had not done a bit of exercise since last Saturday when I rode my bike 36 miles, my muscles were a bit off and it took a good half mile to loosen them up.

 While they fished on the Firehole River, I hiked to Fairy Falls along the trail that goes behind Grand Prismatic Spring.

It was a lovely evening.  I saw a few deer and some birds, but luckily no bears.


 The fishing was good, so I heard.

We left the river at dark and went in search of a den of fox kits, but it was too dark to get any pictures. We could barely see them in the dark, but it was fun to see what we could of them.

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