Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Union Pacific Train Museum in West Yellowstone

Today Brian and I went into West to visit the train museum because I had never been in and wanted to see what it was about.  Now I know and I won't take littles to it.  My history buff friends will love it, though.

 There were several wonderful displays on fly fishing, snow travel, early workers in the park called 'savages', among many others.

 There is a stuffed bear called 'Snaggletooth' because he had a prominent lower tooth and was very recognizable.  Some poachers killed him and then someone had him stuffed. 

There was even a trax, the newest idea in retrofitting ATVs for the snow....  hmm....  Seems like we already knew about trax...

There was an attempt to entertain little ones with this table but I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if we had brought kiddos. 

I do think it is worth the entrance fee.  There were several side rooms where videos were being shown on topics like the fires in the park, the earthquake that formed Quake Lake, and other topics of local interest. 

Down the street at The Branch restaurant you can walk through a real passenger rail car from 100 years ago.  It is nicely restored and very fancy. 

Transoms in every room

They traveled in style back then.

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