Sunday, October 18, 2015

Indian Summer is now officially over...

Our wonderful nephew Austin, his lovely wife Hailey, and their adorable daughter Olivia came up to the cabin for a fall visit this past weekend.  Upon their arrival, he cooked the most delicious meal of fajitas for his mother (my sister Lorraine) and I.

The next day after breakfast...

we walked to the bridge, where we watched the ducks and fish under the bridge, 

and saw a lone moose grazing in the water.  

Then we floated the river in peace and quiet.  We were almost the only people on the river that day.  

I was so happy to introduce them to my 'happy place'.  Even more satisfying for me was seeing how much they loved and appreciated it as well.  

We saw another large cow calf pair enjoying the lovely weather.  And the weather was absolutely amazing!

Can you see the moose in the background between Hailey and Austin?

The next morning we woke to a drizzling rain.  I guess we saw the last of the Indian summer.  We tidied up and went home.  It was great to have my sister and her family there for the last hurrah of summer. 

My happy place....  
Nonni and Nipote

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