Friday, June 14, 2013

Brian's Birthday

We celebrated Brian's birthday today.  First, we went to dinner at the Bar N Ranch. It was quite an adventure just getting there.  We had to dodge the free range cows.


Once we got there, we found a wine room with animals all over it. The decor was pretty cool everywhere.
The company wasn't bad either.

But the food was Am.Aze.Ing.  Really.  Delicious!  If only I knew how to cook this way!



After dinner Sarah and I needed to use the little girls' room.  The sinks were so cool!

After dinner and the stop in the bathroom, we headed to West to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Playmill Theater. 

What a surprise we got when we got inside.  The actor who seated us looked awfully familiar.... 

 He turned out to be the son of some friends that moved away from Providence when Sarah was 5 years old.  Two of his younger sisters were there with him, one working in the plays also, and one working as a housekeeper for some of the hotels.  That one happened to be Sarah's long lost friend, Laura!  What a fun reunion it was.

Here are some of the players with Sarah and Laura.  They are Jacob, Camilla, Max, Sarah, and Laura.  Sarah and Max have been friends since Cache Children's Choir years ago, so look how many friends we reunited with that night.

Fiddler on the Roof was wonderful!
The play was excellent also, by the way. 

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