Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family Reunion Weekend Update #1

Here's the first post covering the events of the family reunion this weekend.  We have had a great time thus far.  Jake, our girls, and myself (Aimee) got in yesterday evening.  We had a dinner that was interrupted by a rainstorm.  Then we spent the evening talking and went to bed late.

We woke up to a yummy breakfast cooked by Brian (sorry no pic) and his sidekick Gordon.  Or is the other way around?
I caught Uncle Jeff, Uncle Keifer, and Uncle Keith looking like this.  They were watching Jake fly his helicopter.
Most every went off on an ATV ride.  (They have not returned as of yet).  Then Linda, Brady, Chelle, Jake, the girls, and myself hopped in the canoes and paddled down to Macks Inn bridge.
On the way Linda became a woman on a mission, so was Jake who was paddling our canoe. To see this:

And she was there with this:

It was great to see and so close.

Then we went to have ice cream before heading back to the cabin for a rest.

Fun day and we are not through with this day yet!!

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